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By Anne O’Connor


Town elections and town meetings will be held throughout the local communities in April and May. Candidates for seats on the boards and commissions can pull nomination papers from town clerks and return them with enough certifiable signatures to be included on the town’s ballot.

Not all incumbents have reported decisions on whether they will seek re-election.


The town election is Monday, April 5. Nomination papers are due March 7. Town meeting is Monday, May 9.

All seats in the election are for three-year-terms.

Positions and current seat-holders are:

*Assessor: Denis Callahan, who has pulled papers for re-election.

*Board of Health: Heather Hasz.

*Commissioner of Trust Funds: James Stephens.

*Constable: Clark Paige.

*Housing Authority: Karin Dynice-Swanfeldt has pulled papers for reelection.

*Library Trustee: Debbie Pedrazzi has pulled papers for reelection.

*Park Commissioner: Sarah Gibbons.

*Planning Board: Mark Fermanian.

*Regional School District Committee: Pat Kelly.

*Selectman: Christopher Hillman.

*Moderator: Thomas Horgan.

*Treasurer: M. Stephanie Gintner.


Town meeting is scheduled for April 25. The town election is May 17. Nomination papers will be available Feb. 1.

Positions open for election and the current office-holder are:

*Board of Assessors: One three-year-term, Rena Swezey.

*Board of Health: Robert Fleischer, three-year-term.

*Board of Selectmen: Joshua Degen and Stuart Schulman, three-year-terms.

Commissioner of Trust Funds: Three-year-term, Leslie Wickfield.

*Groton Electric Light Company: Rod Hersh, three-year-term.

*Groton Housing Authority: Appointee Leslie Colt holds the one-year-term.

*Park Commission: Two-year-term, currently vacant, and the two three-year-terms held by Kenneth Bushnell and Robert Flynn.

*Planning Board: Three-year-terms held by John Giger and George Barringer.

*Sewer Commission: James Gmeiner, three-year-term.

*Trustees of the Groton Public Library: Nancy Foley Wilder and Mark Gerath, three-year-terms.

*Water Commission: The three-year-term, David Crocker.

*Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee: Two three-year-terms, Leslie Lathrop and John Sjoberg.


The town meeting is April 23 and the town election is May 3. Nomination papers are available through March 15.

All terms are for three years unless otherwise noted.

Open positions and current office-holders are:

*Board of Assessors: Jonathan W. Greeno.

*Board of Health: Joseph J. Howlett II.

*Board of Selectmen: David N. Swain, who plans to run for reelection.

*Constable: Keith J. Keady.

*Library Trustee: Two seats, Kathryn M. Lyon and Elizabeth C. Quinty.

*Planning Board: Five-year-term, William J. Carroll.

*Recreation Commission: Four seats. Two, held by James M. Howard and H. Keith Begun, are for a three-year term. Two seats are vacant. One is a one-year unexpired term and the other is a two-year unexpired term.

*Ayer Shirley Regional School District Committee: James D. Quinty.

*Town Clerk: Amy McDougall.

*War Memorial Trustee: Two seats: The veteran seat is held by Norman G. Albert. Theresa M. Richards holds the nonveteran seat.


March 4 is the last day to obtain nomination papers for the town election on April 25. The town meeting is May 2.

All seats are for three years except the Housing Authority and the Planning Board, which are five-year-terms.

Open positions and incumbents are:

*Board of Assessors: Michael T. Coffey.

*Board of Health: Virginia Malouin.

*Housing Authority: Janice T. Shattuck.

*Board of Library Trustees: Two seats, Charles Burnham and Gretchen Needham.

*Planning Board: Anna J. MacDonald.

*Board of Public Works: Greg Rice.

*Recreation Commission: Brendon McNabb.

*Board of Selectmen: Michelle Gallagher.

*North Middlesex Regional School Committee Pepperell representative: Brian Edmonds.


The annual town election is April 25. Nomination papers are available until March 23. A date for the town meeting has not been set.

Open positions and incumbents are:

*Amanda Dwight Entertainment Fund Committee: Three-year term, Karen Clement.

*Board of Selectmen: Cindy King has taken out papers to run for the seat she won in November. This is a three-year-term.

*Board of Assessors: Laura Shifrin, three-year-term.

*Board of Health: One three-year seat, Michelle Dold.

*Cemetery and Parks Commissioner: Three-year-term, Raymond P. Noyes Sr.

*Library Trustees: Two three-year terms, Patricia Thomas-Jeanig and Alison Bird.

*North Middlesex Regional School District Committee: Three-year term, Susan Robbins.

*Planning Board: Three seats all currently held by appointees. Laura Shifrin was appointed to the five-year term, a four-year term is held by Kathleen Araujo and a two-year term is held by Edwin Howard.

*Recreation Commission: Three-year-term, Richard Corsini.

*Townsend Housing Authority: Five-year-term, Laura Shifrin.

*Trust Fund Commission: Two seats, Heidi Munroe currently holds a three-year-term and the two-year position is open.

*Trustees of Soldier’s Memorials: Two seats with three-year-terms. Walter Mann has pulled reelection papers for the veteran position and Peter Buxton holds the nonveteran seat that is on the ballot.

*Board of Water Commissioners: Three-year term, Niles Busler.