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TOWNSEND — A visit to the library is a joyful event for a bookaholic. But, there is something for everyone beyond “just” books.

Reading groups. Movies to take home or watch in the meeting hall. Crafts groups. Computers. Library passes. Classes. Concerts. Seeds.

The Friends of the Townsend Public Library help make some of these activities possible, sponsoring museum passes and events at the library.

It all takes money, more than the Friends raise through membership drives.

They want to make the fundraising fun and involve library users.

This year, they plan to sell new book bags, said John King, president of the group. They have sold bags in the past, but plan a change for the newest version.

“We’re going to have three different bags,” he said. Library patrons will make and then select the illustrations. A design contest runs from Jan. 2 to Feb. 10, with forms available at the library.

With three age categories, 8 and under, 9 to 14, and 15 to 19, all school-age readers can take part.

At the February meeting, the Friends will choose the top three favorites in each category. The selections will go on display in the children’s room.

“This is the cool part,” King said. A collection can will be placed with each drawing.

“People can vote with their loose change. The ones that raise the most change in their categories are going to be the winners,” he said.

Voting will be held Feb. 14 through March 9. Winners will receive a free bag and other goodies.

The first voting day coincides with the annual cupcake festival. The theme this year is “For the love of cupcakes.”

“The people who come to the festival are the judges,” said Library Director Stacy Schuttler. The festival began in 2010.

With three decorating categories and a tasting category, everyone can take part, she said.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Schuttler said.

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