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10 Questions: Ross Fitness is out-of-the-box training

10 Questions: Ross Fitness is out-of-the-box training

By Hiroko Sato

Kyle Ross owns Ross Fitness Out of The Box Training in Ayer. Previously a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Devens, Ross opened the current business in February 2013. From “Bridal Boot Camp” to training of people with injuries, he helps people meet a variety of fitness needs. He has also worked with the Army and was recognized as an “Honorary Fitness Interrogator” for his support of Fort Devens Tass Training Center Soldiers. Ross, 32, lives in Brookline, N.H., with his girlfriend, with whom he is expecting their first child in May.

Q: You said this is not a gym. How is it different from regular gyms?

A: As you can see, there is no treadmill. One of the reasons most fitness programs fail is because people don’t enjoy it. We don’t do long-drawn-out, boring exercises. We do high-intensity training. This is really a body-transformation center. One of the things I require (my clients to have) is fun. We are listening to the music that we custom-pick for my clients. We never repeat the same workout here. You never know what you come into.

Q: How did you get into this field?

A: I started weight training because I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and was picked on and bullied in school. I started lifting weights so I could build muscles and feel good about myself. I fell in love with fitness. Training is a lifestyle for me, and this is my passion. On my off-time, I’m training. When I’m at work, I’m training,

Q: How do you work with people with injuries or risks for injuries?

A: We do training from strength and conditioning and spend a lot of time in mobility and flexibility. The treadmill puts a lot of stress on the body — on the lower back, the hips and the knees. We do exercises that put no impact on joints but burns more calories. We make sure we train safer but smarter.

Q: How long do people stay in the Bridal Boot Camp program?

A: Anywhere between 3 to 12 months is pretty normal. One of my clients lost 60 pounds in 5 1/2 months. (And, it’s not just weddings.) I had a client who wanted to come in for her 50th birthday because she wanted to be as strong and lean as she has ever been in her life. She also wanted to be the healthiest she can be for her three young boys. We have had some great weight-loss stories.

Q: What’s the fitness myth that you are trying to debunk?

A: The only way to lose weight is not by cardio; it’s by lifting weight.

Cardio does not do anything to your metabolism. Cardio is important. It helps your body burn calories, but you don’t build muscles by running. If you want to get high metabolism and burn belly fats, you have to lift weights.

Q: Do women like building muscles?

A: When you lose fat and replace it with muscle, you are leaner. Lifting weight does not make women big and bulky. It makes them smaller because muscle is smaller than fat. The female body is not reducing enough testosterone to become bulky from lifting weight.

Q: How do you train Army soldiers?

A: I currently train military to excel and get better at PT testing at Fort Devens. I helped soldiers who were in crisis and overweight to pass the PT test, as well. We have a tactical program that includes training with sand bags. You have big emphasis on core muscles because sand bags are constantly shifting from side to side.

Q: How do you keep your clients motivated after January?

A: It’s really simple. They see results. Most people at the end of the first three or four weeks of the new year stop because they have no structure. You get motivated when you look into the mirror.

(But) I get most calls (for new membership) in April when people are getting ready for summer.

A lot of my clients are from referrals. I have streets where I trained all the neighbors. It’s a big honor to be able to train an entire family because they trust me.

Q: Why do many diets fail?

A: This is the quote all my clients know me for: You cannot out-train a bad diet.

In most diets, you are losing muscles and water. When you lose muscle, your metabolism get slower. The more muscle you put on your body, the higher your metabolism is. It’s not about weight loss; it’s about fat loss. The number-one problem with diet is it’s unsustainable. You cannot do it for the rest of your life. Over 90 percent of people put weight back on, and more.

Q: What is the thing people don’t realize about nutrition?

A: Sugar. They are getting a lot of sugar (without realizing it).

Number two is their portion is too big. And they are not eating whole foods. There is too much processed food out there.

For more information about Ross Fitness, visit http:/www.rossfitness. net.