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Tax article from last week of owed taxes:

I believe this was UNCALLED FOR, and I am ashamed of the newspaper, Nashoba Valley Voice Publications for having such an article about a personal matter between the town and a few taxpayers of town that owe back taxes.

What are you trying to prove, the people that are in distress and on the verge of losing their homes isn’t enough for you? You write an article about ones that cannot pay their taxes at this time and put their names forward and say who they are and what they owe.

I don’t feel that any good person would put people through this and the media should not put them through it, to me that article you wrote last week about this is basically a political scam and you should not have published it. Someone is upset with one person so you bring several other innocent people into the picture as well.

It was very unprofessional of your newspaper and was not called for. Could you tell me why this was done at this time? I am sure you could, but will not.

I, as a subscriber to your Nashoba Valley Voice publication and also the Sentinel & Enterprise will cancel or will not renew a subscription to either of those papers which I have been taking for 30 years or more and I recommend others do the same.

I don’t need to read smut like that from a newspaper and also the change from local news just makes Nashoba Valley Voice the same as any other newspaper and who needs three daily newspapers all the same. (Who’s Voice is that of anyway, the editors and writers that put in what they think)

Shame on the editor and the writer of that article for putting it in the newspaper and I hope more people will write and express their opinion on this also.

Bill Roberts


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