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Shirley woman’s life is communicating with the dead

Tennie Komar

SHIRLEY — Imagine being able to communicate with a spirit that has passed onto the other side. What if you could help that spirit finds its way to peace and relieve it of its pain?

These abilities may seem impossible, but Rev. Tennie Komar, a spiritualist medium, says these manifestations are a part of who she is.

Komar has been having spiritual experiences since she was 3 years old. Now in her mid-60s, she has spent her entire adulthood working with the deceased.

She recalls an instance in her childhood when she astral projected out of her bedroom in the middle of the night, floating throughout her apartment before taking off down the street to a nearby playground. Astral projecting is an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it.

It wasn’t until she was 14 that she first read about spiritualism and realized she wasn’t alone in having such experiences.

“I read an article about a woman who was a yoga teacher but also a member of a spiritual church,” Komar said. “I had been having metaphysical experiences all my life so when I read this and what it meant I thought to myself ‘when I get my drivers license this is where I have to go’, so when I was 16 that’s exactly what I did.”

With the help of a phone book, a curious Komar tracked down the yoga teacher who had fascinated her with her story two years prior and learned about what is meant to have metaphysical abilities.

Today, she is a neo-pagan and practices with the ldanach Coven, an Alexandrian Wiccan coven.

“We call ourselves a church — like many other covens or groups based around witchcraft–for our status as religious organizations recognized by the federal and state governments,” Komar said.

When asked what she loves most about her talent, she explains it through a dramatic cold reading that she did for one of her coven members back in January of 2012.

“The youngest member of our coven’s cousin was a military vet and he committed suicide,” she said. “We met just for a regular gathering regarding healing or job related issues. It was Memorial Day weekend and I was the main medium in the group. I was standing over in the southeast part of the circle and my soul got hit with genocide 60,000 miles away in the desert and I was looking at American soldiers lying dead in the sand. I could literally see bodies decomposing and the fluids oozing out. All of a sudden I ended up back here and her cousin Nathan [the deceased military veteran] was coming into the circle with about another dozen deceased personnel and they were saying ‘help us get into the lights. We want to pass up to the heavenly realm,’ and I can feel myself tingling all over and I am in an altered state. I ordered my highest priest over to the west, which is where the deceased come into a circle to become healed of their pain and the whole point of that is to guide the souls into the realms of higher frequency,” Komar said.

Komar recalls spirits saying statements such as “this is not my religion” and “I did terrible things against humanity” as she tried to guide their souls through the circle and into the light.

“I got to a point where I was absolutely exhausted and nearly collapsed on the floor,” Komar said. “I’m not used to doing a group of 325 people; that was a lot for me but it would be for anyone to process at one time.”

Komar says that she is only aware of two other family members who had similar spiritual abilities: her great-grand mother and one of her cousins.

With Halloween approaching, Komar is preparing to host a “Dumb Supper,” a traditional Pagan custom where the dead attend the living for a meal.

“You honor the dead at the Dumb Supper and sit down for a meal with them just as if they were still alive,” Komar said.

Communicating with spirits and practicing spiritualism is not Komar’s day job, but is something she plans to dive into even further in a few years.

“My aura is different than an average person’s and I plan on continuing to do spiritual work once I retire,” Komar said.

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