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By Anne O’Connor

TOWNSEND — “I’m an independent thinker,” Steve Spofford said. “I’m a happy-go-lucky guy.”

“Don’t call me a clone of Carolyn or Gordy,” he said, referring to current Selectmen Carolyn Smart and Gordy Clark. He holds different opinions than the two selectmen.

Personal and work history

Spofford, 72, and his wife Kathy, the town clerk, have one grandchild living with them. They had five children. One died as a child.

The life-long resident of Townsend left for four years to serve in the Navy, after graduating from Spaulding School. Spofford was in the last class to graduate from the building before the current North Middlesex Regional High School opened.

After attending Fitchburg State College for some time and working at several different jobs, Spofford left the Post Office for a job with health insurance benefits. He became a driver at Lorden Oil thinking it would be a “good temporary job,” he said.

“I’m still there,” he said. “I’m retired.”

He no longer works full time, but does fill in at the company.

When his children were young, Spofford coached their teams. He has been chairman of the Recreation Committee and on the Master Plan Committee. He is currently one of the Trustees of Soldier’s Memorials.

One of his major concerns is the physical state of the town. “Infrastructure needs help big-time,” he said. He would like to see the town hire a grant-writer to raise money.

He also does not want any more elected positions changed to appointed positions as the tax collector position was changed. “Anyone who’s appointed has to walk on eggshells,” he said. “Your decision is based on how it will affect your job.”

Keeping the town informed about what is going on in Town Hall is another priority.

His solution is simple. “If I thought there was something, I’d get it out there,” he said. The self-described townie said he knows lots of people around town.

Five years from now, he’d like to see the basic structure of the town intact. “Small town, U.S.A.,” he said.

If not elected, he plans to continue to work with organizations like the Legion and the Lions Club. He has friends who volunteer almost every night of the week. “I can get in on that,” he said.

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