All things antique in Pepperell

PEPPERELL — Pepperell is a pretty, peaceful, graceful town with hidden antique houses, plenty of picturesque conservation land and trails that invite contemplation, slow wanderings and butterflies.

There’s also superb antiquing located in a charming barn that used to house a horse.

The shop, MTC Antiques , is filled with an inviting atmosphere and is stuffed with goodies ranging from a Native American tomahawk and hand-crafted candle stands (circa 1750) to a wooden trunk that is hand-painted with the names of Olivius Eriksen and Herman Olsen, 1/2 Appleton Street, Lowell, MA — 92. (The visitor is not sure if 92 is 1792 or 1892, but the trunk is very old.) Period paintings, watercolors and drawings line the shop’s walls.

Owner Michael Coffey has been buying and selling antiques since 1962. He admits, “I’m not an expert on anything, but I know what to buy and what sells. I love what I do and it’s always full of surprises.

“I remember sitting in a house sale in New Hampshire and at that auction, New Hampshire art glass was being sold for dollars when it’s worth hundreds,” he recalled. “Grand day!”

His shop is located 20 feet from his 1780’s home where he and his wife, Anet, have carved out a terraced backyard dotted with colorful perennials, statuary and hand-chiseled granite planters.

Like most 18th century houses, this cape faces south. Attached is a huge barn with aged siding and a new roof.

“This barn may look like it’s on last days,” he said, “but trust me. It has another hundred years to go!

“Anet and I have lived here for 32 years,” Coffey said. “The previous owner, Trescott Abele, lived here for 50 years. He passed away when he was 94. He was the town historian and invited wild turkeys to roam his grounds.

“He loved Pepperell,” said Coffey, “and in the mid ’60’s he joined with Jeff Smith and George Keyes to create the Nissitissit River Land Trust. This was the beginning of Pepperell’s strong and active commitment to protecting open land and clean water.”

MTC Antiques

25 Lawrence Street

Pepperell, MA 01463

508-864-7533, hours by chance or call.