PEPPERELL — Kimberly Gordon may think she’s running a consignment shop in Pepperell, but in reality she’s operating a matchmaking service.

The Friday Barn Consignment Shop, at 75 Groton St., is open Fridays and Saturdays, and has been operating since 2006. The shop is in the rear of her large home and is comprised of four small overstuffed spaces filled with furniture, household items, art, jewelry, lamps, shoes and bed and kitchen linens.

“It’s all about saving money,” Kim emphasizes. “I had to create this shop when my mom downsized. Even with my three-story house I had nowhere to put things so I turned the barn into what you see today.”

For 30 years this shop was the home of her sign business, “Signs of Progress.” That was when she made her most important match and at age 56, found her husband, Bob Silva, by doing the lettering for his truck.

“I waited,” she said, almost blushing. (Bob is the brother of Tommy Silva of This Old House fame.) They married in April 2014.

One of This Old House’s carpenters, Dan Buckley (aka, Dan-the-man, so named by Kim), is almost a regular.

“I met Kim and Bob through Bob’s other brother, Dickie, and I replaced Bob’s windows for his house in Billerica,” said Buckley. “I did some work in Pepperell, usually on the weekends when the shop was open. Kim treats everyone like family and Bob always has something funny to say. I like stopping by whenever I can and I notice that lots of people come by just like I do.”

Since 2006, 10 of her customers have become couples while browsing through her barn.

“People come here and say, I’m looking for a chair for my antique desk or something else, and in the course of their search, they find something far more important.” She laughs, recalling, “I introduced my tenant to the exterminator and guess what?”

“They are dating,” I deadpanned.

“You’re right!”

I have to admit that wandering around this property and the photogenic and spacious flower garden in the back, I felt some sort of relaxing magnetic field drawing me in. Kim’s natural warmth, curiosity and vivaciousness are its epicenter.

Looking very summery in her flowered cotton dress and wearing a single strand of pearls, I am reminded of a present day Dolly Levi of “Hello Dolly.” Dolly’s storyline centers on her matchmaking prowess and the finding of her own mate, Horace Vandergelder.

The similarity of Kim to Dolly was even more striking when I saw a wedding photo of two customers who got married, Scott Hillman and Leanne Kennedy. Posing with them is Kim who is wearing an old-fashioned straw hat complete with ribbons and flowers and looking very Dolly-esque.

With all these good vibes and love in the air at 75 Groton St., all I can say is, “Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!”

The Friday Barn Consignment Shop is 75 Groton St., Pepperell. It’s open Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For information, 508-847-5713 or