GROTON — It’s a Friday night at Boston’s Middle East Night Club and Groton resident Brendan Simpson is preparing to go on stage and DJ for a crowded room of people waiting to dance.

His younger brother and music collaborator, Nick, is backstage with him hyping him up minutes before he walks out.

Brendan, better known by his stage name B-No, regularly performs in front of large crowds, including opening for big name artists such as Lazerdisk and Ryan Hemsworth at the Middle East Nightclub.

“The cool thing about being a DJ is that you can do it anywhere like bars or parties. But it’s really great when I get to open up for an artist that I really want to meet,” Brendan said.

The two brothers have been making music together since they were young and attribute their passion back to their dad.

“He showed us everything that we listen to and eventually we took modern day music into account, which led to making music with our own influences,” Nick said.

With Brendan producing electronic dance music and Nick taking a more soulful and vocal route, the two have adopted their own styles but find ways to parallel the difference.

“We both have our own solo projects but it’s a collaborative atmosphere,” Brendan said. “Whenever one (of us) needs help or an idea, we get each other’s take on it.”

Since both have their own styles, the two are able to bring out highlights in each other’s music, such as electronics or acoustics.

“We never close our minds to parts of the music, and even though there are different aspects, we bring them together,” Nick said.

Brendan was originally discovered by Crush Boston, an electronic promotion music company that helped him gain publicity.

“I used to reach out to a bunch of different promoters with my music and I ended up finding someone at Crush who was able to start booking me on a lot of shows,” Brendan said.

Although not currently hired to perform, Nick has showcased his work at numerous low-key events, hoping to get noticed.

“I went from growing up doing high school open mics to playing at friends’, which I enjoy doing,” Nick said. “Right now, it’s about recording music and putting it out on SoundCloud just hoping to get out there.”

Having day jobs and busy lives, both brothers make a point to create music every day, developing their talent.

“I always end up staying up really late writing something and going to bed at 5 a.m. when I am unhappy with how something sounds,” Nick said.

“I think for both of us the creative period is at night. I know I’ve spent countless nights working on my music but it’s not my career at this point. So I have to balance my job with it,” Brendan said.

Slowly taking strides in what they believe is the right direction, the two feel humble about where their careers are at now.

“If I could make one person’s day better with my music, that’s all that matters. If I get big, that’s great, but making people happy makes me happy,” Brendan said.

To inquire about booking Brendan or Nick, visit their SoundCloud pages at or