Harvard’s Ashley Jordan packs the house

HARVARD — Country artist and recent Grammy nominee Ashley Jordan performed at the Harvard General Store’s on Pub Night, filling the room to capacity.

Jordan is a long-time resident of Harvard and has been performing at the General for quite awhile.

“For the longest time I had gone to the General and started selling my CD’s there probably when I was as little as 15,” Jordan said.

Jordan sang a few of her upcoming new releases including ‘He’s Crazy,” “Blue Eyed Boy” and her recent Grammy nominated single, “Angles.”

“People from all over came out, which was awesome because it was a packed house and nice to have a lot of support,” Jordan said.

Jordan has performed at the General Store numerous times and store owner Scott Hayward attributes her Harvard reputation to the Aug. 7 booming night.

“The Grammy nomination definitely helped but she’s a big draw anyway,” Hayward said. “We have had two other Pub Nights this summer that were nowhere near as successful as hers.”

Jordan found out the night before her performance that “Angels” was nominated for a first-round top solo category Grammy.

“I got to celebrate with everyone who has been supportive of me from the beginning since I started out from Harvard,” said Jordan. “So it’s just really cool to see people that I’ve known forever and perform for them.”

The General gives away a scholarship each year to support students who want to pursue performing arts. Jordan is not only a regular performer but a supporter of the scholarship and participates in the fundraising.

“It’s a mentoring event that shows a young person who has a dream that they can become a performer,” said Hayward. “Ashley participates in that but she has always helped us mentor young people and, more importantly, been a friend to them.”

The General is expected to host Pub Nights regularly starting in early September.

“We will soon start doing Pub just after the kids go back to school,” said Hayward, “as well as open mic nights and then we do our cabaret. Just a lot of high quality events for people.”