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Pepperell’s Taylor Cushion is comfy behind the microphone


PEPPERELL — When Pepperell Youth Baseball president Brian Gallagher learned that the league was hosting the U11 state tournament, he knew of one person he could call on to announce all of the weekend’s games.

“We added the speakers when we put the lights in, and I knew we needed to find an announcer,” Gallagher said. “She asked once if she could announce a game, and I said ‘sure.’ From then, she has announced a lot for us.”

No, she is not well known in the announcing world … yet, but she is no stranger to the Bartelson Memorial Field complex.

Yes, that’s right, she.

“I got asked to do a couple of games for Gary’s (Gouldrup) team during the regular season and I absolutely loved it, said Taylor. “The umpire who was the main commander there loved how I announced the games. I had gotten to know him over the season being a catcher.”

Taylor Cushion, who recently turned 13, has aged out of the Pepperell Youth Baseball system.

“She has been announcing big games all year for us,” Gallagher said. “She has announced both league playoffs for us and now the state tournament. Taylor used all of her own music all weekend — she made it like a little Fenway for us.”

She is now forced to make a decision to switch to softball, or continue playing baseball at the Babe Ruth level.

Taylor’s father, David Cushion, knew from an early age that his daughter would be a baseball player.

“She has always loved baseball,” David Cushion said. “She has two brothers who are a little bit older that have been involved in Pepperell baseball.

“From the day she was born, she was dragged around from field-to-field for their games. She has always loved anything to do with sports,” said her dad.

The Nissitissit Middle Schooler played for two years in the North Middlesex Pop Warner system. Taylor is also a second-degree black belt in karate.

Taylor settled behind the microphone for the complete gauntlet of games over the weekend of July 17-19.

“She made this weekend so much easier because I knew I could count on her,” Gallagher said. “She was literally there from Saturday morning to Monday night — all day and all night.”

No matter how long the game dragged on, Taylor always had the perfect song to fit the mood from her own IPod.

Her go-to song between innings is ACDC’s, Thunderstruck.

Her love of baseball does not stop when she and her father exit the Bartelson Field parking lot.

The Red Sox have been unbearable to watch for most fans this season … but not for Taylor.

She settles down in front of the television for all 162 games and fills out a scorecard for both teams.

“How many 13-year-olds sit down and print out a scorecard for both teams?” Dave Cushion said. “I am willing to bet it is not many. She will sit there for nine innings while making comments.”

She is not sure if announcing will be in her future career plans. After all, she has plenty of time to make up her mind.

But she knows that she would like to continue announcing games for Pepperell Youth Baseball.

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