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If you are returning after a long summer vacation, where you weren’t subjected to the Red Sox less than mediocre season, you are currently having a better summer than they are.

On Wednesday night, I broke my own rule of not paying to watch this Red Sox team. The temptation of sitting in one of the more famous sections of Fenway Park was just too alluring.

Right Field box seats for $35 was the only reason that I went to Fenway. It was pretty apparent that the baseball was not going to be good, it was more for the nostalgia.

Little did I know, the famous “Pesky Pole” would be obstructing my view for the evening.

No problem.

Sitting in that seat is something all Red Sox fans hope to do at least once in their lifetimes before the ole’ ballpark is laid to rest.

So cross that off my bucket list.

Getting down to the seat was a feat in and of itself. There were two options, go through the tightly packed section of fans or hop over the rail.

In the words of “Murph,” the usher in the section, we were told to “choose our destiny.”

Unfortunately, that destiny was watching a bad team slowly get knocked around — no surprise, there.

Sometimes bad teams have a little bit of hustle and heart, but that cannot be said about the 2015 Red Sox.

On Wednesday night against the Chicago White Sox, David Ortiz swung and missed on a dropped third strike, but he did not even make an attempt to run down to first.

Would he have made it safely?

Probably not, but it’s the principal of the play.

If the players don’t care anymore, why should the fans?

I have always been the type of fan who, no matter what, still cheers for my team.

But it’s getting to the point where many fans are starting to turn their backs on this ball club.

Boos rained down from the grandstands as Rick Porcello was shelled, yet again.

Zero fight, zero heart.

Xander Boegaerts, and yes, even Mike Napoli, still care, but it looks like the rest of the ballclub has mailed this season in.

Including the ownership group.

Red Sox fans are still waiting for that five-ace rotation … still waiting … but, it won’t be coming.

This team is bad.

It would be a big surprise if John Farrell returns to the clubhouse next season.

Heck, it would be a surprise if he makes it the rest of the year.

Last night, Porcello’s leash was a little bit too loose, especially for a young pitcher that has been on a downward trajectory since joining the Red Sox.

Five runs in two innings is just sad.

There was no variation in his pitches.

Shifting to left field, Hanley Ramirez is like the little kid shagging fly-balls before his Little League game.

Ramirez looks completely lost in left field. A pair of line-drives were scorched into left, and he showed zero sense of urgency getting the ball back to the infield, which led to a Chicago run.

Third baseman Pablo Sandoval can’t even keep his weight down enough to field his position, as evident by his early inning exit, Wednesday.

Sandoval went to make a diving play on a hard line drive to the third base side and missed it, allowing a White Sox runner to score.

If watching a bunch of overpaid scrubs is your thing, then the Red Sox are your type of entertainment.

For the love of all that’s good, show a little heart.

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