Thank you everyone for a hugely successful water chestnut pull effort on the Pepperell Pond impoundment of the Nashua River!

Forty-five people helped to pull or offload over 6,000 pounds of water chestnuts (average 30 baskets per load/ 25 pounds per basket/ 7 loads — conservative estimate), plus all the other boats who brought in baskets or canoes full to the brim.

Impressive! This could not have been accomplished without the partnership of Diane Carson of Nashoba Paddler who donated canoe usage and safety personnel, and Dan Donnelly of Ducks Unlimited with his motorboat.

When you consider that each seed can produce multiple rosettes, and each rosette can produce up to 10 seeds, the impact on next year’s seed production is very real!

If you’re boating on the Nashua River this summer, please be on the lookout for water chestnut plants. If you spot one (or more), let us know where you saw them, and pull them out and dispose of them away from the water. If you think you didn’t pull all the plants, we would especially want to know so we can follow up to remove them as soon as possible. An email with a GPS location or map would be most helpful, but a verbal description would suffice, too.

Nashua River Watershed Association and our partners will be working on a long-term solution to address water chestnut and other invasives in our waterways.

Thank you for all you do. We could not accomplish what we do without volunteers!

Enjoy your summer!

Martha Morgan

NRWA Water Programs Director

Kathryn Nelson

NRWA Water Monitoring Coordinator