TOWNSEND — During a nearly three-hour meeting June 23, selectmen covered a multitude of topics.

After an executive session, the doors opened for a waiting crowd. Additional chairs were brought in to accommodate them.

* Selectmen agreed to waive fees for fiscal 2014 fire alarm connections. Participating businesses are usually billed $100 but were not last year, Fire Chief Mark Boynton said. The department is transitioning to a new, radio-controlled alarm system. The individual installation fee will be between $5,000 and $6,000 but customers can decide to go with a system from a different provider, he said.

* Karen Chapman was reappointed to the Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee by the selectmen and a committee of the town moderator and the North Middlesex Regional School District Committee.

* The selectmen received suggested changes to the charter from the Townsend Charter Review Committee. Retired Fire Chief Don Klein, who chaired the committee, said the changes make the document more user-friendly. The selectmen will discuss the changes in a later meeting and hold a public hearing prior to fall town meeting.

* Police Chief Erving Marshall will be reimbursed for four unused vacation days.

* Selectmen approved an amendment to the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual requested by the Recreation Commission exempting seasonal employees from the Compensation and Classification Plan. Chairman Colin McNabb voted against the change without giving a reason.

* Selectmen approved a one-year contract to Radio Engineering Associates for information technology services at the recommendation of a committee that included Town Administrator Andy Sheehan, Selectman Carolyn Smart, Boynton and Communications Supervisor David Mazza.

* The selectmen accepted a bid from Shattuck Oil to provide #2 fuel oil at a base price of $1.9328 per gallon and diesel fuel at $2.0041 per gallon. Only one bid was received, according to the town administrator’s memo.

* A policy regarding surplus property was approved. New wording, suggested by town counsel, will help in not getting bogged down with broken stuff, Sheehan said.

* The annual audit should be completed soon, Sheehan said. The town is making steady progress on the five areas of concern identified by last year’s audit, he said. A separate audit will be done on the tax collector’s office.

* The selectmen voted not to support legislation proposed by Shirley regarding regional schools and funding. “It doesn’t appear likely it will happen,” Sheehan said.

* At the request of the selectmen, Sheehan will ask the Department of Revenue for assistance in looking at organizing a Department of Public Works. He will also apply for a Community Compact through the governor’s office for assistance with information technology, budget formatting and budget forecasting.

* Selectmen approved three new on-call firefighters requested by Boynton: David Hoffman, Colton Peladue and Andrew Shepherd.

* The selectmen approved the annual appointments.

* A new outreach worker for the Council on Aging was approved. Janet E. Cote will fill the 10-hour per week position.

* A discussion on the goals of the selectmen and the town administrator was tabled until a later meeting.

* Sheehan will draft a letter to Unitil objecting to the proposed rate increase at the request of Smart and with the agreement of the entire board.

— Anne O’Connor.