The hate and vindictiveness that I hear from a few persons regarding the decision of the last town meeting are tearing this community apart.

In all of my 88 years, I have never heard such hate since the town was split over the racetrack issue in the 1950’s or 60’s.

The Town Administrator was directed by the Board of Selectmen to come up with a plan that stays within a certain budget amount. Was she to tell her bosses “I will not do that?”

The selectmen then presented the plan to the voters of our town. The voters rejected the plan, as it is their prerogative to do. This is what town (Meeting) government is all about.

The selectmen heard your message loud and clear and the positions (the plan proposed to cut) were kept as before.

I am confused as to why a few townspeople have openly spewed hatred toward the selectmen and the town administrator for presenting a plan to stay within the budget that was approved by the Finance Committee.

This was not a directive but a plan that voters could accept or reject, which they did.

It is time to put aside our animosity and pull this town back together as the fine town that it has always been.

We were always able to discuss among ourselves what is best for our town without hating each other.

I hope that all this animosity will be put aside and we can act like ladies and gentlemen, able to present our ideas, among ourselves and openly at Town Meeting.

Norman G. Albert