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GROTON — There were several other announcements made over the course of the June 10 meeting of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee.

Dr. Kristan Rodriguez recognized numerous teachers and staff who are retiring from the district at the end of the year, many of whom had 28 or 29 years of service.

Steve Silverman, the district’s Middle School principal, is also departing, and Dr. Rodriguez introduced his newly hired replacement, Middle School Principal James Lin, who is coming to Groton-Dunstable from Concord Middle School.

“We involved teachers, students, and parents to participate in the hiring process and also went on site visits,” Rodriguez said. “Adjectives used to describe Mr. Lin include ‘warm, generous of care, a strong leader, thoughtful, knowledgeable, committed to the children, supportive, proactive, fair, communicative, a partner, and accessible,” Rodriguez said. “It is a great alignment of his skill set and our needs.”

James Lin addressed the School Committee, saying, “I am excited to be here! I spent a day in the district recently and it confirmed my decision. I saw the Big Book of Peace, and was impressed to see the kids learning something that will teach them to make the world a better place.

“I met with teachers at lunch time,” Lin said, “and I can tell that teaching and learning are exciting for them.”

Lin acknowledged Silverman’s leadership and willingness to help with his transition, and closed by saying that he is developing an entry plan. “A lot of things are going well at the Middle School and I want to make sure that continues,” he said. “I want to personally meet all of the teachers and staff in the first couple of months of school this fall and hope to find out what inspires them, what motivates them, and what do they do here.”

Trip to Disney

Other presentations included members of the Groton-Dunstable High School music program, with Music Director Tim Savoy, describing their plans to attend a performance-based adjudication in Disney next year.

This trip would include a workshop for the students with master conductors and composers, providing them with great exposure to music professionals.

Erik McIntosh spoke on behalf of the students. “This would be a fantastic opportunity for the academic side of music,” he said, “to be critiqued at such a high level by the Disney professionals, and of course, these trips always create great bonding of all the students.”

GDRHS Assistant Principal Marisa Brisson joined a group of students who attended the 2015 Global Leadership Summit in Costa Rica, to thank the School Committee for allowing them to go.

They presented a slide show and Brisson commented on the value of the trip, including the fact that the students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak.

“Student Ian Peterson completed a post-summit project titled ‘Reduce Your Carbon Footprint,'” Brisson said, “matching the summit theme of social responsibility in the new global economy, for which he won national honor!”

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