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PEPPERELL — PACH Outreach helps lots of people.

The nonprofit has 262 clients in 123 households that rely on services the volunteers provide, said board member Roland Nutter.

Twice a month, these qualified Pepperell residents can get food assistance and personal care items from PACH. The median income for single clients is between $10,000 and $15,000 annually and for households is $20,000, he said.

Clients can go to PACH in the former Peter Fitzpatrick School for help with applying for fuel assistance and for referral to other agencies, he said.

Two rooms hold nonperishable items. Meats can go in one of the freezers and seasonal, fresh produce is displayed in the center corridor. A few, smaller rooms provide a place to meet with clients.

PACH supporters are worried about their future in the building. At present, the town-owned building is leased by the North Middlesex Regional School District. The district offices and a few programs are located in the back, newer part of the building.

Pepperell Aid for Community to Home uses part of the front building free-of-charge. “The town’s been very generous and so hasn’t the school in giving us the space we have,” Nutter said.

PACH does not know how long they will be able to use the space. “It’s a building that has a questionable life,” he said. “We see the writing on the wall and we want to be proactive.”

For years, the town has looked at developing the Peter Fitz property. It has been considered for a combined residential/retail zoning area, but zoning changes needed for that to happen did not pass during town meeting.

Fundraising began a year ago to build a reserve account to buy or renovate another space. “When the day comes that we are no longer able to be at that facility, we’ll be able to move to a new location,” he said.

The best outcome would be if PACH was able to purchase a building, he said. Maybe, when the time comes, there will be something for sale and an owner will be willing to accept a price PACH can afford.

“Being a totally volunteer agency, we don’t have a lot of resources,” Nutter said.

The board hopes to raise $2,000 at a second annual wine tasting and pairing on June 22, he said.

The take last year was $1,300, he said. They are planning for a bigger crowd this year and will hold the fundraiser at Bailey’s Bar and Grille in Townsend from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

In addition to Chef Richard’s finest appetizers, samples of four wines will be offered.

The $30 tickets are available at Pepperell Beverage, Bailey’s Bar and Grille, North Middlesex Savings Band and online at Search for wine tasting in Pepperell.

Donations can be made on the site.