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From Monday, April 20 to Saturday, April 26, Police on all three shifts checked on buildings, town-wide, to ensure they were secure, conducted follow-up investigations and traffic stops, rendered services and responded to calls all over town, as did the Fire Dept.

Police also provided services to the public at the station. The Fire Dept. in addition to service calls, conducted routine inspections.

Other notable incidents the Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments and the Animal Control Officer (ACO) responded to during that period included the following.

Monday, April 20

A.M. 12:59, Lancaster Road and Assabet Mack Service, suspicious motor vehicle; 9:50, Leominster Road and Presidents Building, Fire Dept. service call; 10:42, Mt. Henry Road, animal complaint, ACO call; 11:25, Center Road, traffic stop, verbal warning.

P.M. 12:59, Center Road, motor vehicle accident, vehicle towed; 2:14, Leominster Road and Presidents Building, Fire Dept. service call; 5:16, Squannacook Road, motor vehicle accident, ambulance call, patient refusal, no transport.

Tuesday, April 21

A.M. 8:35, Ayer District Court, police services rendered; 8:43, Lancaster Road and Lura A. White School, Fire Dept. call; 10:15, Lancaster Road, police call, 10:24, Townsend Road, Fire Dept. inspection services.

P.M. 12:53, Gideon Lane, Fire Dept. inspection services; 1:09, Waxen Way, same; 2:03, Clark Road and Wayside Trailer Park, medical emergency, ambulance transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Ayer; 2:09, Leominster-Shirley Road, Lunenburg, road hazard, dept. information; 2:16, Phoenix Street, traffic stop, citation issued; 2:41, DPW call; 2:43, Townsend Road and Austin Powder, Northeast LL/Explosive Supply, suspicious motor vehicle, investigated; 3:47, Morin Street, attempt to serve restraining order; 4:02, Center Road, restraining order served in hand; 5:19, Ayer Road, traffic stop, warning citation; 5:32, same; 5:41, same; 5:44, Ayer Road and commuter rail parking area, police removed hazard; 6:06, Harvard Road and MCI, state prison, medical emergency, ambulance call, referred to other agency.

Wednesday, April 22

A.M. 8:35, Leominster Road and Presidents Building, Fire Dept. service call; 11:15, Front Street and the strip, Fire Dept. service call; 11:37, Ayer Road, Fire Dept. call.

P.M. 12:52, Mulpus Road, Fire Dept. call, brush fire extinguished; 2:15, Benjamin Road, vandalism, criminal mischief, police investigated; 2:20, Leominster Road and Presidents Building, Fire Dept. service call; 3:24, police station, vandalism, criminal mischief reported, services rendered; 4:06, Front Street and Briarwood Trailer Park, police call, services rendered; 4:10, Bruce Street, police served paperwork, in hand; 4:24, Front Street and Net Variety Store, traffic stop, verbal warning; 4:42, Townsend and Squannacook roads, road hazard, dept. information; 4:58, police station, lost or stolen property; 6:05, Front Street and Patterson Road, traffic stop, warning citation; 5:24, Trout Brook Way and Spaulding Road, road hazard.

Thursday, April 23

7:46, Lancaster Road and school, police training; 8:04, Hospital Road and Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School, Fire Dept. service call; 8:08, Leominster Road and Presidents Building, same; 8:08, Townsend Road and Trout Brook Way, same; 9:13, Hospital Road and middle school, same; 10:43, Harvard Road and Shaker Meadows, medical, ambulance transport to NVMC.

P.M. 12:41, Valley View Way, medical, ambulance transport to Emerson Hospital, Concord; 2:45, Gideon Lane, suspicious activity, no police service; 4:24, Chapel Street, paperwork served in hand; 4:36, Center Road, animal complaint, ACO call.

Friday, April 24

A.M. 10:13, Hazen road, animal complaint, dept. information; 11:29, Townsend Road, burglar alarm, building checked and secure.

P.M. 3:02, Walker Road and Shirley Water District, police call, referred to other agency; 3:42, Valley View Way, suspicious activity, gone on arrival; 4:00, Fredonian Street and Park, suspicious motor vehicle, investigated; 4:24, Great Road, traffic stop and arrest; 6:13, Ayer Road and Phoenix Bar & Grill, motor vehicle accident, ambulance transport to NVMC; 7:23, Leonard Street, suspicious activity, gone on arrival.

Saturday, April 25

A.M. 12:21, Willard Street, Ayer, mutual aid; 12:40, Depot Square, Ayer and Carlin’s Restaurant, mutual aid, police, arrest made; 8:04, Catacunemaug Road, railroad complaint; 2:04, Great Road, animal complaint, no service; 2:05, Great and Lawton roads, traffic stop, warning citation.

P.M. 3:46. Front Street and business parking lot, traffic stop, verbal warning; 4:14, Benjamin Road, suspicious activity, investigated; 7:01, Front Street, motor vehicle complaints, verbal warning; 7:20, Catacunemaug Road, noise complaint, no service; 8:35, Townsend Road south of Route 225 intersection, road hazard, removed; 9:38, Hazen Road, ACO call.

Sunday, April 26

A.M. 2:24, down town, suspicious motor vehicle, dept. information; 4:21, Leominster-Shirley Road, Lunenburg, mutual aid; 8:28, Hazen Road, medical, ambulance transport to NVMC; 10:59, Groton Road, Fire Dept. call, small brush fire extinguished.

P.M. 12:12, Patterson Road and 360 Gymnastics, suspicious motor vehicle, investigated; 12:42, Mulpus Road, police call, general; 12:55, Lancaster Road Apartments, ACO call; 1:48, Mt. Laurel Circle and Northstar Construction, burglar alarm, canceled; 2:07, Walker Road, police investigation, follow-up, unable to deliver message; 3:16, Leominster-Shirley Road and Honey Farms, Lunenburg, mutual aid; 3:52, Patterson Road, Water Dept. call; 5:10, Tolman Avenue, Fire Dept. call, small fire extinguished; 7:46, Front Street and Net Variety, police investigation, follow-up, services rendered; 11:56, Great Road, traffic stop, verbal warning.


Friday, April 24: Melvin B. Bulloch, 58, of Fitchburg, traffic stop on Great Road at 4:24 p.m., driver charged with operating a motor vehicle with license suspended, marked lanes violation, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, third offense; open container of alcohol in motor vehicle and endangering a passenger under 14 due to OUI.

Saturday, April 25: John Z. Watson, 25, of Ayer, mutual aid response to Carlin’s Restaurant, Depot Square, Ayer, charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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