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AYER — The Conservation Commission is still in the process of searching for a new conservation agent, replacing Becky DaSilva-Conde, who left the position back in December.

“We haven’t hired anybody yet,” said Commissioner Jess Gugino. “We’re focusing on people who have a good deal of wetland and environmental science background.”

“We’ve had a few good candidates,” she added. She said they received over a dozen responses, most of which came from the ad they posted on the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions, or MACC, website.

Conservation Commission members have been splitting the agent’s duties, she said.

“We’ve been doing okay. Bill (Daniels), our chairman, has been doing some of the site visits,” she said. “I’ve been generally covering some of our office stuff.”

As previously reported in The Public Spirit, the starting salary would be $23.72 per hour, for about 15 per week. The position has no benefits.

According to the description, the minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, wetlands biology or a related field and two to three years experience in an associated field.

The description reads, “successful candidates will have excellent interpersonal skills, both written and verbal, be capable of multitasking, and hold a valid driver’s license and a car for conducting field work.”

A decision may be made this week.

— Jon Bishop

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