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By Jon Bishop

HARVARD — Graduating Bromfield seniors will now wear randomized blue and white robes, rather than splitting the colors along gender lines. Originally, boys wore blue and girls wore white.

The switch was the result of a survey that asked students their preference.

“(Randomized robes) was the majority vote,” said Principal Jim O’Shea. “The decision’s made. They know what they got.”

Students, as they did before, had mixed opinions on the shift.

“I like the idea of it. I like how it’s progressive,” said Emma Delaney, but she added that the administration initially made the decision without consulting students. According to her, they had wanted a uniform color: blue. When students complained, they put out the survey.

“Overall, I’m happy with the results, though,” she said.

Molly Hart said she didn’t care what colors the robes were. She like the survey approach, calling it effective.

As for her classmates, she said “it’s kind of split.”

“Some people are really unhappy with the whole situation,” she said.

Hunter Davidson, a junior, said he didn’t really mind the switch, especially since many of the robes will actually be brand new. He also said it was good the school gave them an option.

“I appreciate having new things,” he said. “People like the idea of getting new gowns.”

Kevin Seery said he was “pretty happy it ended up being random assignment,” because it was the “lesser of two evils.”

He said he didn’t understand why this all started in the first place.

“I don’t know what the point is,” he said.

And Nick Norcross agreed.

“I never saw it as an issue in the past,” he said, adding that he didn’t understand why it was an issue now.

“Too much political correctness, in my opinion,” he said.

As previously reported in the Hillside, the Bromfield School, according to O’Shea, decided to make the change to make the graduation ceremony in compliance with state gender identity law requirements and to make the ceremony more comfortable for all graduates.

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