PEPPERELL — Turnout for the local election was low. So low, that poll workers looked back in the handwritten ledgers to compare numbers.

Not too many voters showed up for the local election back in 2001, said Lee Ann Phoenix, pointing out the earlier entry in the book. There were no contested seats that year, either.

“Voter turnout is really pitiful,” said poll worker Linda Harkins.

A little past noon, 77 people had cost their ballots. The polls opened at 7 a.m.

One candidate sat alone at a table outside the polls in the Varnum Brook Elementary School on Monday. Margie LaFleur was not on the ballot, but was the sole contender for a seat on the Board of Health. She had stickers for people to use.

“I always wanted a medical career,” she said. She worked for a printer for many years before working as a certified nursing assistant.

Now that she is a grandmother and has more time, she said she wants to use her knowledge and experience to give back to the community.

The voters entering through the metal doors were few and far between. Unlike earlier elections, there were no campaign signs on the road leading to the school.

No one stood outside with signs and supporters.

A total of 226 ballots were cast, 2.83 percent of the total of 7,973 registered voters.


Board of Selectmen: Melissa Tzanoudakis, 190 votes.

Board of Assessors, one three-year position: Maureen S. Bolger, 196 votes.

Board of Health, one three-year position: write-in candidate, Margie LaFleur, 110 votes.

Housing Authority, one five-year position: Katherine L. Harris, 197 votes.

Housing Authority, one two-year position: Member Bruce Haskins, 201 votes.

Board of Library Trustees, two three-year positions: Carol Case, candidate for reelection, 195 votes, and Ramona Reed, candidate for reelection, 186 votes.

Planning Board, five-year seat: Richard C. McHugh, Jr., 180 votes. Four-year seat: George Clark, 170 votes. Three-year seat: two write-in candidates, Michael Dapcic with 2 votes and Caroline Ahdab with 1 vote.

Board of Public Works, one three-year position: William M. Kenison, 186 votes.

Recreation Commission, one three-year position: Timothy C. Doyle, candidate for reelection, 196 votes.

North Middlesex Regional School Committee, two three-year positions. Jonna Clermont, candidate for reelection, 180, and two write-in candidates: Anne Adams, 31 votes and Sheril Rosoff, 7 votes.