Shirley Town Administrator Patrice Garvin came up with a far-reaching plan to cut expenses in that town.

It called for cutting back the salaries and hours of numerous employees, including full-timers.

While the idea might have merit, Town Meeting voters this week didn’t see it. One after another, the town clerk, tax collector and others stood up and told voters that they could not do their jobs under the limited schedule proposed for them.

It would seem that the voters’ viewpoint is a good one. There was little public exposure for the plan and insufficient time to consider the impact it would have on these seasoned town employees.

We give these voters credit for taking it upon themselves to govern their town, when the town’s top officials seem to have abdicated the responsibility.

Using statistics and practices in other towns may provide food for thought but they do not exemplify what is best for Shirley.

Now faced with a seemingly unbalanced budget, maybe next time, selectmen will provide the scrutiny, open to the public, such an extreme plan deserves.