I am writing on behalf of Marlena Gilbert, candidate for the Groton School Committee. I have known Marlena for 5 years. When I first met her, I quickly learned that she is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. Also, she is extremely personable and has a strong voice. I see all of these great qualities in Marlena from a business and parenting perspective.

As a small business owner (pharmaceutical/medical device consulting company), I understand the dedication, focus and drive that is required to succeed and keep one’s head above water. When I started my business nine years ago, I knew nothing about business. I was a scientist with an interest in a career that would use my knowledge of science and the pharmaceutical industry that would ultimately help people, and allow me to maintain a work-life balance while raising two young children of my own. Over the last nine years, I have quickly learned the ropes of business, including the financial, marketing, human resources/staffing, policy, sales and administrative aspects. As a business owner, an understanding of these areas is critical.

Marlena owns and manages three separate businesses, and is raising her 10-year-old son, who is enrolled in the Groton-Dunstable school system. She is also an active member in our community and a dedicated/involved parent. From my understanding, school committee members will have responsibilities including, but not limited to, finance, setting standards, policy, communication, advocacy and staffing.

With her background and experience as a business owner and an active parent in Groton, I think Marlena Gilbert will be an excellent and critical addition to our town’s School Committee.

Kelsey McCormick