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Write a novel in 10 minutes a day, says local writer

Write a novel in 10 minutes a day, says local writer

By Jon Bishop

AYER — Ayer resident Katharine Grubb always knew that she wanted to be a writer, but she wasn’t sure how she’d go about it.

So, in 2006, Grubb, a stay-at-home mother of five, decided she would work on a novel in 10 minute increments.

“It took me five years,” she said, noting that she blogged about her experience.

She didn’t seek a publisher for that novel, but she viewed it as an important learning experience.

Then, in 2012, she wrote a book called “Falling for your Madness,” a romance. In 2013, she entered it into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which is “kind of like the American Idol for writers.”

“I was a quarterfinalist,” she said, noting that, out of 10,000 entries, she was in the top 25.

The book, which she self-published, was featured in Catholic Digest, she said.

It opened a lot of doors for her — especially since, without it, she wouldn’t have landed “Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day,” which was released on March 26 and will be published by the UK-based Hodder & Stoughton.

“It’s for people who are too busy,” she said.

She said she’d like for people to be encouraged by her book: no matter how busy they are, they can still find time to follow their dreams. That’s why much of the book will talk about time management, she said.

She’s definitely found a niche. She also operates a popular Facebook group called ’10 minute novelists.’

“We’ve gotten quite a reputation,” she said, noting that there are about 1,021 group members worldwide.

“It’s fun,” she said. “It fits me really well.”

She said that the group is all about encouragement.

There is also a website with the same name.

“It’s the same thing: tips, encouragement, community,” she said.

She said that, on the day of her book’s release, the Facebook group hosted an online release party.

As for other projects, Grubb said that she has another novel coming out in August. It’s about college life in the ’80s and is called “Soulless Creatures.” In the future, because she’s had such success with “10 minute novelists,” she’d like to write books on marketing, time management. She’d also like to do some online coaching.

Grubb, originally from Oklahoma, moved to Massachusetts in 1995, and she and her family came to Ayer a little over a year ago. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Education. This came in handy, she said, because she homeschools her children.

Writers she enjoys include Flannery O’Connor and Jane Austen. Right now, though, she’s on a mystery kick. She’s been checking out P.D. James, she said.

Because of this, she’d like to write a mystery about Ayer.

Her website can be found here:

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