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By Mike Deehan

State House News Service

STATE HOUSE — U.S. Sen. Edward Markey was in the State House Tuesday to meet with top lawmakers about federal policy.

“Just, you know, moving around, talking to people,” Markey told the News Service Tuesday morning.

“I’m meeting with legislators and talking about issues that might be of concern to them. Just kind of listening and hearing what their concerns are, and their vision is, for the state and how the federal government can be helpful to them,” Markey said.

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Markey told the News Service he supports New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s bid to become the next Democratic leader in the Senate after the retirement of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) next year.

“I’m a big Chuck Schumer fan. He and I were elected to the House years ago and we’re very good friends. And he’s going to be a truly great majority leader of the Senate when he takes over in January 2017,” Markey said, implying that Democrats will regain control of the chamber in next year’s elections.

An aide to House Speaker Robert DeLeo confirmed that Markey met with DeLeo in the Speaker’s office Tuesday morning. A spokesman for Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said they were scheduled to meet at 12 p.m. Markey was not scheduled to meet with Gov. Charlie Baker, according to the senator.

“Obviously we need a look at transportation policy and energy policy and see how those policies integrate into a statewide strategy,” the Malden Democrat said. Markey served in the Massachusetts House in the 1970s before being elected to Congress.

When asked if he spoke to President Barack Obama about Baker’s request for federal disaster relief for this winter’s storms while Obama was in town for the dedication of the new Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Dorchester, Markey smiled and replied that the day was about Kennedy.

“We’re working hard on the administration to get the highest possible maximum number,” Markey said.

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