TOWNSEND — If life gives you snow, make a snowman.

Two folks in Townsend did just that. Forget about ice dams and collapsing roofs, bigger things loomed.

When Danielle Holvik came home to South Harbor Road the other night, she was thrilled. Her boyfriend, Jamie Jeddrey, had made a snowman for her. A big, giant snowman. “Because I love snowmen,” she said.

She was so happy, she shoveled a path so that people could come by and take their picture with the masterpiece constructed by the former Marine.

Meanwhile, over at Townsend Woods, a senior living community, resident John Hardy built a snowman, too. It was so tall, he had to make steps in the back to install the head.

His giant snowman is all decked out with St. Patrick’s Day garb.

“He outdid himself,” said Michelle Mastroianni, the property manager.

Last year, Hardy’s snowman made the papers.

This year, it did, too.