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By Jon Bishop

SHIRLEY — Jeff Dusti is co-owner of 206 Great Road, a portion of which he is trying to sell.

According to Dusti’s attorney, Michael Gerace, condo units were to be constructed on the lot. Back in September of 2012, Gerace said, Dusti had an agreement with a buyer to sell a parcel of land with a foundation on it, referred to as unit 1, for $182,500. But the deal fell through when the buyer went to speak with Building Inspector Butch Farrar.

Farrar allegedly told the buyer that unit 1 is unbuildable.

Gerace said that the buyer became alarmed and backed out of the deal, and, as a result, Dusti and his wife, Colleen, had to return the cash deposit.

Dusti is now threatening to file a lawsuit against the town.

Gerace said that Farrar also allegedly told Dusti that he must pay to renew every two years the special permit for the 400-square-foot foundation on unit 1 that was approved in 2003. But that directive, Gerace said, was incorrect and caused Dusti to pay $1,225 in unnecessary fees.

Dusti, for his part, can’t understand why any of this is happening and is angry that it did.

“We’ve worked very hard for what we have,” he said. “Nothing’s been given to us.”

Gerace said legal action is justified due to negligence on the part of Farrar, negligent supervision by the town of Shirley, and, alternatively, that Farrar interferred with Dusti’s business relations.

Gerace said that Shirley has six months to deny the claims. The town received the notice on Sept. 20, he said.

“We’ll see,” he said. “We certainly think it would be better to avoid having to file.”

Neither Farrar nor Town Administrator Patrice Garvin responded to multiple requests for comment.

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