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Nashoba Publishing staff

TOWNSEND — A petition on quickly gathered signatures in support of a teacher at North Middlesex Regional High School.

The petition praises the teacher for his work with students in service learning groups, world language courses and in other school programs. By March 11, 490 supporters had signed the petition.

“His students learn about cultural diversity, demonstrate tolerance of ethnic diversity, become valued community members, learn how to express concerns for the welfare of their community, and take action which will benefit their community,” the petition started by Diane Wright says.

The petition concludes with “Sadly, I have also witnessed the lack of appreciation and lack of support (he) receives from members of the NM Administration. It is my hope this petition will validate how much (he) means to the students, parents, friends, NM Community, and beyond. I ask that you sign this petition and express how much (he) and/or his students have impacted you, your organization or someone you know.”

A link to the petition was circulated on Facebook before the postings disappeared sometime during the week of March 9. The petition remained on along with comments from supporters.

The teacher, Ray Kane, identified online on Facebook, declined to comment.

Principal Isaac Taylor would not comment on what he called a personnel matter and referred the reporter to the superintendent.

“I am not at liberty to comment at this time,” Superintendent Joan Landers said. “Personnel matters are private.”

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