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Benson recognized as champion of after school programs


BOSTON — Rep. Jennifer Benson (37th Middlesex) was a guest speaker at the March 3 Massachusetts Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs’ annual luncheon at the State House.

“I was honored to be included in the … speaking program,” she said. “As an individual who did not have opportunities like the Boys and Girls Clubs, a former School Committee member and a co-chair of the ASOST Council, I know the importance and value of quality after school and out-of-school programs for children of all ages across the Commonwealth. Investing in quality after school programs is not just important for working families, but it will have a trickle down effect on the state as a whole. The amount of my colleagues present at the luncheon speaks to the importance of this issue on Beacon Hill, and our commitment to our youth. I look forward to continue advocating for quality after school and summer programs for all children.”

Benson serves as a co-chair with Sen. Thomas McGee on the Mass. Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Coordinating Council.

The Massachusetts Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs is a consortium of 41 Boys and Girls Club corporations that operate throughout the state of Massachusetts. The alliance was formed a decade ago for the purpose of seeking and sharing financial and program opportunities to help better serve the children of the commonwealth.

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