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When will the people on Capital Hill realize the people out here in Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Ashby and Townsend are paying the second highest premium for gas and electric in the country and are getting slammed on our bills!

The people here just cannot afford this. I’ll give you some examples of this rape of the wallet: my bill went from $240 to $380 in one month and that was low because I burn wood, too. Another a person named Rachel went up $250, another person $260 in one month! These are just a few. Go to the Facebook page of Muni Choice and see many people’s posts about the outrage going on here.

Cathy Driscoll Clark, who started this movement, has been on radio talk shows and to the press but her work has fallen on our lawmakers’ very deaf ears. Let’s call them what they are, lazy and uncaring!

Something needs to be done to help the people in this area and it needs to be done now.

Pass Muni Choice so people can pick what light or gas company they want. Think of it this way. Do you want to buy a Chevy or a Ford. Or Littleton Light or Groton Light!

You have a choice but here you are told, this is it, take it.

We need help from lawmakers and the time is today!

Bill Biswanger


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