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I grew up during a time when it was a civic responsibility to clear your sidewalk. This is from a time when we did not have a sidewalk plow. I would routinely perform this during each snowstorm to include clearing the drain area especially if the sidewalk plow (which was not something I remember from the 1970s) did not show up. It seemed to be wrong to have people traverse the area in front of my property by walking in the street where safety becomes a concern.

Most times I have cleared my sidewalk, all 100-feet-plus of it, one of two things happened. Either the plow trucks would bury the sidewalk again or the sidewalk plow would show up. In the past, the sidewalk plow would notice the state of the sidewalk and bypass this section if it was in a decent shape.

But tonight, I experienced what can only be seen as a worsening of my sidewalk. The sidewalk plow showed up at 1730 tonight, after I had cleared one and a half times the width of my 36-inch snow blower at 0800 in the morning, most of it down to the pavement. (The sidewalk plow) proceeded to clear my sidewalk by actually making it worse by leaving a coating of snow about an inch in depth with no pavement showing anymore.

It is tough enough trying to make room for all of this snow and to perform our civic responsibility without someone coming behind and making things worse for the pedestrians that use these sidewalks.

A little common sense would be a welcome change at these times and the sidewalk plowing at this particular section certainly is a tough thing to justify since the sidewalk was in a much better condition than the way it was left.

Very respectfully,

Charles M. Sheldon


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