TUESDAY, Jan. 13

A.M. 9:27, welfare check, Oak Hill Street; 10:50, traffic control, South Road and Lakin Street; 11:27, medical emergency, Hollis Street.

P.M. 12:47, 911 hang-up, Mason Street; 2:14, serve summons, could not locate, Groton Street; 2:16, welfare check, Hollis Street; 2:25, traffic control, Chace Avenue; 2:29, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Groton Street; 5:28, 911 hang-up, Main Street; 5:42, serve summons, Groton Street; 5:51, civil land/custody/etcetera, Main Street; 6:48, serve summons, Groton Street; 9:40, traffic control, Tarbell Street.


A.M. 1:19, assist citizen, Lowell Road; 5:27, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Main Street; 7:43, assist citizen, Herget Drive; 9:05, disabled motor vehicle, removed hazard, Mill and Main streets; 9:24, complaint, Herget Street; 11:30, motor-vehicle accident, South Road and Bancroft Street.

P.M. 1:31, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Merrimac Drive; 4:51, suspicious activity, Jersey Street; 9:12, burglar alarm, false alarm, Chapel Place.


A.M. 7:02, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Main Street; 7:34, civilian motor-vehicle complaint, could not locate, River Road; 7:58, serve warrant, arrest made, Laconia, N.H.; 9:40, assist citizen, Main Street; 11:14, 911 hang-up, Chestnut Street.

P.M. 2:34, assist citizen, Main Street; 3:05, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Foster Street; 5:39, assist citizen, Main Street; 5:43, assist agency non-police, Main Street; 11:31, traffic control, Tarbell Street.

FRIDAY, Jan. 16

A.M. 5:59, motor-vehicle accident versus deer, Elm Street; 9:03, medical emergency, Tucker Park; 11:16, traffic control, River Road; 11:45, complaint, Elm Street.

P.M. 1:11, traffic control, Park Street; 1:38, burglar alarm, Shattuck Street; 4:35, assist agency non-police, Shattuck Street; 5:05, serve summons, Shattuck Street; 9:43, motor-vehicle stop, Main Street; 9:51, motor-vehicle stop, Lowell Road; 11:54, motor-vehicle stop, Townsend and Mt. Lebanon streets,


A.M. 12:29, traffic control, Groton and Main streets; 5:25, traffic control, Lowell Road; 9:33, traffic control, Nashua Road; 11:10, traffic control, South Road and Lakin Street; 11:31, assist citizen, Main Street; 11:34, animal control, Main Street.

P.M. 3:21, motor-vehicle/residence lockout, Mason Street; 3:55, complaint, River Road; 8:33, assist citizen, Lawrence Street; 8:39, motor-vehicle stop, Groton Street.

SUNDAY, Jan. 18

A.M. 12:56, traffic control, Groton and Mill streets; 12:59, motor-vehicle stop, South Road and Hillside Street; 1:21, assault, transported to hospital, Brookdale Lane; 1:47, suspicious activity, North Street; 2:03, burglary break and enter, Mt. Lebanon Street; 10:51, traffic control, Park Street.

P.M. 12:26, DPW call-out; 12:43, traffic control, Tarbell Street; 1:12, motor-vehicle accident, East Street; 1:23, mutual aid police, Longley Road, Groton; 1:45, mutual aid police, 341 Pepperell Road, Groton; 1:55, assist citizen, could not locate, Jewett Street; 2:17, assist citizen, Jewett Street; 4:24, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Foster Street; 7:46, assist citizen, Main Street; 8:37, traffic control, Townsend Street; 8:54, medical emergency, arrest made, South Road; 11:08, medical emergency, transported to hospital, Vesbard Lane.



Lepouttre, Stephen T., 24. 2 Shamrock St., Pepperell. Warrant arrest.

SUNDAY, Jan. 18

McCann, Jarett E., 37. 11 Decarolus Drive, Tewksbury. Third offense operating under the influence liquor, unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, marked lanes violation.