A young fifth-grade girl from Puyallup, Washington, has written a letter to these newspapers seeking information about Massachusetts for a school project.

According to Wikipedia, the 2013 population in Puyallup was estimated at 37,980. The city is named after the Puyallup Tribe of Native Americans, Puyallup meaning “the generous people.” It’s located about five miles east of Tacoma.

Imagine the surprised pleasure of this little girl if she receives numerous letters and packages from Massachusetts, telling her about the state she has drawn for her project. (Read her letter in this section on page 5. Her address is included.)

We will be sending a letter and package to Cara but perhaps some of you would be willing to do so as well. Let’s tell her about our state and the people who live in it.

Let’s teach her about the people and places of this New England commonwealth and provide her with a memory she will likely carry with her for a very long time.