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HARVARD — The Bromfield girls basketball program, which has had some success in recent history, fell on a tough season last year, finishing at 4-16 overall under first-year head coach Mike Davidson.

Davidson’s first-year club had four juniors and not a single senior, but the Trojans improved every game and took the last two to end the year on a positive note.

Bromfield was originally scheduled to open its season against Mid Wach C foe Lunenburg, but that game has since been postponed to Feb. 7.

Now, the Trojans will open Monday against reigning Mid Wach D champion Littleton, which has since made the jump to Mid Wach C.

Narragansett dips down to the Mid Wach D to join the likes of Bromfield and Ayer Shirley.

“It’s definitely a daunting task to open the season against Littleton,” Davidson said. “We will be as ready as we can be when that time comes to face them. Littleton has lost a couple of skilled kids, but they always find a way to reload.”

Bromfield will be led by its four second-year captains Maegan Cullinan (guard), Kyra Doher (forward), Amy Jorgensen (forward, Mid-Wach D All-Star) and Kirsten Sundeen (guard/forward).

While the second-year head coach isn’t committed to naming a definite starting line-up, he has an idea of where the girls will fall into place.

Davidson will use a platoon system at the point guard position, which will alternate hands between Cullinan and sophomore Hannah LoChiatto.

“I think those are the only two girls on our roster capable of playing point guard effectively,” he said. “Those two will be interchanging. Both of them need to improve on making the right decisions.We committed some turnovers (Friday) against Parker Charter. Hannah is a scorer, while Maegan is the true point guard with a good handle. Maegan told me that she wanted the point guard job last year, and she’s a senior captain — It’s her job to lose.”

Junior forward Amanda Accorsi netted 147 points for the Trojans in 2014, and Davidson expects another strong performance from the returning Mid-Wach D All-Star.

“I am expecting a lot out of her this season,” he said. “Amanda is going to be a lot better this year. She has been on this team since she was an eighth-grader, so she has experience, but her biggest asset is her confidence. She knows all fingers point to her to score inside around the basket.”

Jorgensen, Mid-Wach D All-Star, had 145 points for the Trojans last season. Bromfield is counting on the senior forward to get the ball in the basket.

“Amy is arguably the team’s best three-point shooter,” Davidson said. “She offers great leadership for us — I expect her to score a lot of baskets for us from the outside.”

Sundeen does not mind getting into the mix under the basket and going up against the bigger power forwards in the league. Don’t let her five-foot-five frame fool you.

“Kirsten is the smallest four I have ever met in my life,” Davidson joked. “She does the job.

She has trouble when there are really big kids in there.

She has no problem going up for rebounds — she definitely has a toughness and mean streak about her.”

Doher is the Trojans’ sixth woman off the bench. The senior captain knows her role and takes it in stride.

“Doher is a fierce rebounder,” the coach said.

“All I need her to do is to clog the middle and get rebounds, and she does a nice job doing so. Kyra is a very good leader and captain.

When she gets her opportunity, she contributes.”

Younger players expected to make contributions are LoChiatto and sophomore center Abby Pacl.

“Pacl has played a ton of basketball in the last 18 months,” Davidson said. “She is going to be a tough rebounder for us down low.

She is starting to realize that she is able to score, but before she was very timid under the basket. She’s an eight-rebound-per-game player.”

Finishing the season with a losing record left a bad taste in the mouth of the Trojans. Davidson had a message for his team that stuck.

“I told the girls that they better not be dusting off their basketball shoes for the first time when Dec. 1 rolled around,” he said. “Enough players played in the off-season, that we should incrementally be better than last season. We should be able to get the 10 wins needed to make the tournament.”

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