By Jon Bishop

HARVARD — Harvard’s Finance Committee met at 7 p.m. Dec. 3 and finished by about 7:30.

Most of the big stuff will come this week.

Finance Director Lorraine Leonard said there are no bids for the Fire Department’s pumper truck because they’re not yet due. “Bids like that don’t come up until they’re due,” she said.

She also said departments are still in the process of compiling budgets.

Town Administrator Tim Bragan said everything will be out on Wednesday.

Bragan also mentioned that Gov. Deval Patrick decided to recommend pay raises at the state level. At the same time came the announcement that local aid would be cut by about $330 million. In addition, the automatic income tax rate cuts will “cause a decrease in the state budget.” Not a surprise, Bragan said.

He said that January will be interesting, because it will be up to Gov.-elect Charlie Baker to make any changes to the budget. Baker has already said he’s not in favor of the proposed pay raises, Bragan said.

Bragan said the Town Hall construction committee is “moving forward,” and costs for the project will come in at the end of the week or at the beginning of next week.

“Right now, everything is moving forward as planned,” he said.

The town is searching for temporary space for offices, he said.