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Please consider a vote for Rep. Sheila Harrington for state representative from the 1st Middlesex District. Sheila has been representing Ayer for two terms and has always gone above and beyond for the town. Just recently Sheila brought all parties from the MBTA, MART and the owner of the Ayer Depot Station property to broker a deal for rail access and pave the way for a surface lot, finally! The citizens of Ayer deserve representation and that’s what Sheila has done to a high level.

Charlie Baker is running for governor and I believe he’ll make a fine one. He is a businessman who will bring common sense to the state house and will work with both parties for the betterment of all citizens of Massachusetts. Charlie has presented himself differently from the national Republican Party as he supports same sex marriage and supports a women’s right to choose. So much for the contrived Republican war on women by the Democratic platform. Charlie is a strong Independent voice that will bring a no nonsense approach to the Governor’s office and by a strong and sensible leader for the citizens of Massachusetts.

Join me in keeping the state of Massachusetts strong and voting for Sheila Harrington and Charlie Baker will go a long way in making sure that happens.

As far as the ballot questions, read what they really mean and use common sense.

Does it make financial sense to automatically increase our increase in gas tax by the rate of inflation yearly? By voting no on question 1, you can’t keep accountability with the legislature by allowing for a yearly increase in taxes to you the taxpayer. This doesn’t repeal the gas tax and stop infrastructure repairs but just stops the automatic increases. Hold them accountable and vote YES on Question 1 to repeal the automatic increases.

Question 2 is another money grab from the local economy and by the state. By voting yes, we will then have a 5 cent deposit on all plastic containers at a time when 90% of the towns recycle and receive funds for that recycled material. This is also intended to increase by the yearly inflation rate which if not claimed at your store will be included in the state’s general fund which again provides no accountability. Hold them accountable and support your local economy and vote NO against Question 2.

A vote against Question 3 is a vote for another piece of the financial pie regarding state revenue. When the casino bill passed, it wasn’t intended to be a financial windfall for the state but a way to diversify the state’s revenue stream. By repealing the casino bill, we will be stifling economic development instead of supporting a way to increase revenue and create jobs. A vote for will repeal all the hard work that has taken place the last 2 years. Vote NO on Question 3 and help continue economic development in the state instead of stifling it.

Question 4 is the toughest of the questions since it deals with people’s everyday lives. All things being equal, if sick leave is being offered to full time workers then it should be provided for part-timers at a prorated amount. It will presumably add cost to the bottom line but I believe it will help the employees’ well-being and their overall work ethic thus increasing productivity and offsetting any budget increases. I am not interested in increasing taxes to the taxpayers of Ayer to pay for this but I believe the costs can be absorbed with current taxes. For equality sake I would vote YES on Question 4 and pray it’s not abused or added to in future years.

Gary Luca