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I first met Ken Swanton five years ago when the Board of Selectmen appointed him to serve on the Harvard Historical Commission. Observing Ken serving on Harvard’s Historical Commission has convinced me that he would be an excellent addition to the Board of Selectmen.

He has demonstrated the ability to listen to differing approaches to addressing problems and the talent to bring people together to agree on solutions. These skills enabled him to successfully negotiate a challenging teachers’ contract, obtain $1.6M in grants and lead the preservation of many farms, and pass bylaws preserving over 1,000 acres of land while serving as a volunteer in Bolton.

Ken’s record of success continues in Harvard. He brought four boards together to safely protect the Shaker Burial Ground from tree damage. The restoration of the damaged Powder House is nearly complete and under budget as a result of his efforts. He has been helpful with getting the Town Hall renovation going again in a quality way and within the budget.

Ken moved to Harvard because of our rural character and will ensure that it is protected. As the husband of a teacher, Ken knows the importance of strong schools. And Ken is committed to keeping Harvard affordable for all our residents. He will work to improve the Hildreth House creatively so the cost does not drive the seniors it is intended to benefit out of town.

Ken and I will not always agree on every issue, but I think he can help the board find practical solutions for many problems. To learn more, take a look at his Ken’s website ( and please join me in voting for Ken Swanton as Harvard’s next selectman.

Ron Ricci


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