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Ken Swanton, candidate for Board of Selectmen, has a resume with results founded on his extensive experiences in both in volunteer and elected positions as well as his prior employment. For details please visit

I have learned how much experience counts from the six years I served on the School Committee and almost as many on the Capital Planning and Investment Committee. In the next few years the town will be considering several very large capital expenditures.

The Council on the Aging’s $3.8 million renovation of the Hildreth House will require close scrutiny. Ken will seek to ensure our seniors are fairly represented all the while cognizant that Harvard’s taxes must first and foremost be kept affordable for our seniors to help keep them here. I am a senior and taxes do matter.

Likewise, Ken’s financial savvy and tough questions of balance will be invaluable given the recently announced demolition and renovation of the Elementary School K wing at a projected cost of $4 million. And this in addition to a $1 million request for new or renovated administrative office space.

Harvard’s DPW and Fire Department also seek approval for multi-million-dollar renovation projects

Ken’s deft hand and multi-disciplined experience will yield a thoughtful approach to help the town navigate its way through the many other deserving projects and issues. He is smart enough to know what he does not know. He is yet smarter in where and who to go to for answers.

Ken’s resume of results is what is needed in Harvard right now. Please join me in voting for Ken Swanton for selectman on Nov. 4.

Keith Cheveralls


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