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A.M. 11:36, phone, larceny/forgery/fraud, report.

P.M. 5:02, animal complaint, notified, 228 Still River Road; 5:36, burglary — breaking and entering, investigated, 40 Pinnacle Road; 8:34, suspicious auto, unable to locate, Myrick Lane; 8:35, medical assistance, patient refusal, no transport.


A.M. 8:41, motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, 14 Mass Avenue; 10:58, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, 188 Stow Road.

P.M. 2:00, alarm, residential, building checked, 130 Still River Road; 2:47, road hazards, services rendered, 178 East Bare Hill Road; 3:48, medical emergency, transported with basic life support; 4:36, walk-in, property found or lost, services rendered, 40 Ayer Road; 5:04, phone — traffic complaint, spoken to, Stow Road.


A.M. 6:56, motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Poor Farm Road.

P.M. 12:36, suspicious auto, removed hazard, Warren Avenue; 1:16, medical emergency, transported with basic life support, 27 Mass Avenue; 1:48, burglary, breaking and entering, investigation to follow, 42 Pinnacle Road; 6:07, animal complaint, no services needed, 68 Littleton Road; 6:22, animal complaint, no services needed, Still River Road; 10:28, alarm — residential, false alarm, 15 Babbitt Lane.

FRIDAY, Oct. 10

A.M. 1:01, motor-vehicle stop, Route 2 West; 7:19, motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, intersection of Pond Road at Mass Avenue; 7:29, motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Still River Road; 8:21, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, 27 Mass Avenue; 10:14, medical emergency, transported with advanced life support, 27 Mass Avenue; 11:06, motor-vehicle stop, 42 Pinnacle Road; 11:50, phone, fire department — fire alarm, box detail notified, 13 Elm St.; 11:58, fire department, fire alarm, no action required, 7 Elm St.

P.M. 12:47, assist citizen, services rendered, 40 Ayer Road; 5:08, medical emergency, patient refusal, no transport; 5:52, phone — fire alarm, resident services rendered, 187 Prospect Hill Drive; 7:36, alarm — residential, false alarm, 27 Mill Road; 11:44, alarm — residential, false alarm, 250 Old Littleton Road.


A.M. 9:18, cooking fire request, no action required, 184 Old Littleton Road.

P.M. 3:34, fire — other, services rendered, 92 South Shaker Road; 4:24, medical emergency, transported with basic life support, 110 Warren Ave.

SUNDAY, Oct. 12

A.M. 12:44, suspicious auto, services rendered, 1 Still River Road; 5:48, assist citizen, spoken to, 265 Old Littleton Road; 6:14, alarm — residential, building checked, appears, 105 Slough Road, Apartment A; 11:50, medical emergency, patient refusal, no transport, 40 Ayer Road.

P.M. 12:26, alarm — residential, false alarm, 66 Westcott Road; 12:32, alarm — commercial, building checked, appears, 215 Ayer Road; 1:30, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Ayer Road; 2:58, motor-vehicle accident, investigated, Still River Road; 4:20, motor-vehicle lockout, services rendered, 14 Mass Avenue; 5:41, medical emergency, transported with basic life support, 25 Slough Road; 6:00, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, 178 Mass Avenue; 7:14, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, 13 Ayer Road; 7:40, motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, 2 Depot Road; 10:40, animal complaint, peace restored, 19 Mettacomett Path.

MONDAY, Oct. 13

A.M. 10:26, animal control call, notified, 79 Whitney Road.

P.M. 2:06, burglary — breaking and entering report, 42 Pinnacle Road; 5:02, animal control call, notified, 98 Brown Road.

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