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The Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce shared its views on questions on next week’s ballot.

Question 1: Change to Automatic Gas Tax — Yes. We agree.

Voting YES will eliminate the automatic increase on the tax. If politicians want to raise the tax, let them vote, one at a time.

Question 2: Change to expansion of the existing bottle bill — The chamber says no, we say yes.

Question 2 seeks to expand the coverage of the bottle bill to include water, flavored water, sports drinks and juices. The chamber sees a significant financial burden to small businesses.

We see fewer cans and bottles by the roadside.

Question 4: Mandated Paid Sick Leave — No. We agree.

Part-time employment historically comes with fewer benefits. Forcing small businesses to fund paid sick leave is ill advised.

On Question 3, the chamber shared no viewpoint. We support it.

A yes vote “would prohibit casinos, any gaming establishment with slot machines, and wagering on simulcast greyhound races.” We believe providing jobs is crucial but have heard the experts who say that casinos in New England have reached and surpassed the saturation point. Building more seems like a bad bet.

In local races, we support Sheila Harrington for State Rep. and Niki Tsongas for U.S. Rep.

Tsongas’ efforts on behalf of the military, women and the environment are undeniable.

Harrington has done well in lending a much-needed Republican hold-the-line voice on Beacon Hill.

In Harvard, with two very good candidates, we support Ken Swanton for selectman by virtue of his past experience and expertise in town affairs.

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