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In a couple of weeks, we will be going to the polls in what are probably the most critical elections in recent history, both at the state and federal level.

Both in Massachusetts and nationally, we have seen a failure of government — a massive failure of government. Oh, the state and federal governments have performed some of their duties admirably: They have taxed and spent like the proverbial drunken sailors. But they have failed to improve the economy or our national security.

Where have all our tax dollars gone? That’s a good question, and one that I find difficult to answer. Suffice it to say that our bridges are still rusting away (with, let’s be honest, a few exceptions) and most of our roads seem to be just as bad as ever (with the exception of Route 495, which seems to be in a state of continual repair and repaving). We have illegal immigrants — unaccompanied children, even — crossing our southern border and being welcomed by the Obama administration and distributed throughout the country, apparently without any particular criminal or medical evaluation, quarantine or deportation (and we know that some of these people are carrying diseases and that some are members of Mexican drug cartels — some of the most evil criminal gangs on earth).

We hear rumors that ISIS terrorists have infiltrated the USA through that same open southern border. Isn’t that wonderful? I wonder who will be beheaded first … And then there’s the Ebola epidemic, which bids fair to jump to the USA because of the federal government’s feckless policies … driven by the Obama administration — by the Democrats.

Here in Massachusetts, it seems to be more of the same, if perhaps on a lesser scale.

Don’t you think it’s time for a change? The Democrats have had decades in power in Massachusetts, with the exception of a few recent Republican governors. They control the Legislature by huge majorities, and they hold and have held most of the statewide and federal offices for many years. Are you better off today than you were last year? Two years ago? Ten years ago?

Are you ready for a step backward to King George III and taxation without representation — gasoline taxation that increases automatically as the Consumer Price Index increases … and never decreases if the consumer price index decreases? No? Then vote YES on Question One.

The Democrats have made a mess of things, both locally and nationally. Let’s give the Republicans a chance to turn things around.

What I’m asking is not that you vote for Charlie Baker for governor and then vote Democrat for the other offices.

No, I’m asking you to take a leap of faith and vote Republican for the entire ballot. Republican — not a protest vote for some third-party candidate that will simply be, in effect, a vote for the Democrats.

With Republicans in office in Massachusetts, we can turn this state around; with Democrats in office, it will just be more of the same. And honestly, do you really want Martha Coakley as governor?

Please, just this one time, give it a try and vote Republican.

Brooks Lyman


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