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My name is Tom Sheff. As most of you know, I am running for Governor’s Council (GC) in District 3. If you don’t know what the GC does, then you’re not alone. Most people don’t have a clue. The reason why most people don’t know anything about the GC is that there is no attempt on behalf of the GC to communicate with their constituents.

Communicating with the constituents is absolutely necessary for an elected official. Some officials update people by sending periodic emails, some send newsletters and others update their website, but they all do something.

This election, I was supposed to have 2 DEBATES with my opponent. She refused BOTH debates not allowing the voters to see us face to face. She doesn’t have a website to update and it’s obvious that communicating with the voters is not a priority for her. It’s a perfect example of how NOT to be an elected official. She benefits by keeping people in the dark, because as long as no one knows what the Governor’s Council does, she doesn’t have to answer for her ridiculous voting record.

If elected, I plan to communicate with my constituents through quarterly letters to the editor of local newspapers, keeping my website current, setting up a blog for people to voice their constructive comments and video-taping open hearings so the average person can view what happens in the hearings without going into the statehouse.

I want to bring NEW technology into an antiquated system. Hopefully, this should lead to transparency and accountability, which will create more trust and knowledge regarding the institution and government in general.

I can’t do this by myself, I need your help. On Nov. 4, please vote for me — Tom Sheff for Governor’s Council in District 3. For more information please go to Thank You.

Tom Sheff, Candidate for Governor’s Council, District 3

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