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Siblings partner to create mythology comic

TOWNSEND — He is an accomplished animator and comic artist with cellphone games and industry videos in his portfolio.

She writes fiction for young adults and new adults, five novels so far. By day, she teaches high school.

As children growing up in Townsend, they collaborated on projects.

As adults, they are once again combining energies. They plan to produce a book, a mythology-based comic.

Sam Albro, 30, lives in Townsend. Amy Leigh Strickland, 28, married and moved to Alabama.

Instead of getting together at home, they now connect through Facebook messages and FaceTime.

“It’s been really great, Strickland said. “I’m able to tell him exactly what I want changed.”

Her brother is very good at dealing with feedback, she said.

Strickland wrote the script for the 200-page book, “Olympia Heights: Lightning Rod.” It features a group of four Miami teenagers who discover they are reincarnations of Greek gods.

The book focuses on the story of Zach Jacobs, a modern-day Zeus. Subsequent books will focus on other gods.

The graphic novel is a “re-boot” of Strickland’s four-volume Olympia Heights series of novels. The new comic is aimed at an audience of 13-year-olds and up because it has some violence and language, Strickland said.

Most of the pages will have full black-and-white art. Albro has already completed the first 10 pages of the Manga-style drawings. The art for the scenes set in ancient Greece is influenced by the pottery of the era.

The team needs funds so Albro can spend time drawing the rest of the book and creating the cover. They turned to a popular website that gives artists a place to raise money for a project.

Between Oct. 5 and Nov. 4, supporters can make a pledge through Kickstarter. com. If the team reaches its goal of $16,000, they get the pledges.

If they do not reach that goal, supporters will not be charged. If the goal is reached, pledges are not collected until the fundraising closes on Nov. 4.

As thanks for the pledges, supporters get awards relating to the book. The award depends on the amount pledged.

A $1 pledge gets you a thank-you. Digital comics start at $15 pledges and printed comics at $25.

It will take Albro about six months to complete the drawings. Strickland hopes to have the book available next the summer.

They plan to publish the book through Matter Deep Publishing, owned by the Strickland family.

Albro, class of 2003, and Strickland, class of 2004, both graduated with honors from North Middlesex Regional High School.

They went on to hone their skills at college. Albro earned a bachelor of fine arts in 3-D animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Strickland earned a BFA in performing arts at SCAD and a master’s degree in secondary education in English language arts at the University of Montevallo.

They are happy with the progress made so far in creating “Lightning Rod.”

“It’s quickly becoming a reality,” Strickland said.

See the Kickstarter project at

Find Amy Strickland at and on Twitter @AmyLStrickland.

Find Sam Albro at and on Twitter @SamAlbro.

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