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By Jon Bishop

HARVARD — I arrived at the post office on a sopping Thursday afternoon in order to answer a question that has presumably plagued Harvard since its Shaker days: Would you prefer to have a grocery store in town?

And its addendum: Where do you shop?

I talked to five different people — six, if you count the gentleman who didn’t want to be quoted but who did assert that it’s almost impossible to invest in town.

So what did I discover?

That folks like to go to a variety of stores, all varying in kind and in expense.

“I go out to two places: Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord and Whole Foods (in Bedford),” said Carol Greenough, who lives near the center. “I do that because I like to eat organically.”

She’d shop at a store in Harvard, if it carried organic produce.

“It’s a lot easier than driving quite a ways,” she said.

Shaker Hills area resident Katie Petrossi likes the Shaw’s in Groton and the Market Baskets in Leominster and Westford.

She, too, would shop at a store in Harvard.

“If there was a store in town, I would go there,” she said.

Ken Nygren, who lives in Still River, said one of his stores of choice is Hannaford. Opening a grocery store in Harvard would save him time and gas, he said.

Ed Rubin, a resident of Poor Farm Road, said that he goes to “a combination of places.” One of them is Market Basket, both in Leominster and in Westford. Then there’s Trader Joe’s, Hannaford in Ayer, as well as Whole Foods in Bedford.

“Once in a blue moon, we’ll go to Roche Brothers,” he said.

On a store in Harvard?

“It depends on what they have,” he said. “I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference.”

He’d go, though, if the store were “nice, higher end, quality.”

Finally there was Margaret Nestler, who lives near the center. She shops at Market Basket in Westford and at Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord.

Regarding a Harvard store, she gave a similar answer to Rubin. “It really depends on what the store is,” she said.

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