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Special Town Meeting on Monday, Oct. 27, at 7:30 p.m. at Nissitissit Middle School.

As you are probably aware, the override to the tax levy put forth on ballot for a vote on Sept. 9 was unsuccessful. As such, moving into the fiscal 2016 budget season, the town of Pepperell will be facing further cuts to the town budget. The town cannot continue to provide existing services, even at present reduced levels, without a significant increase in revenue.

Not taking into consideration infrastructure, repair and equipment needs of the town, operating at existing reduced levels of service, we have a base shortfall of approximately $300,000 in the general government-operating budget. This does not take into consideration anticipated shortfalls associated with increases in the school budgets and costs to address infrastructure, repair and equipment.

The bottom line, however, is that the town of Pepperell cannot continue on the existing path and keep departments open and operating at an efficient level without an override.

Town Meeting is one of the few forums in which we have the ability to share information with residents in a candid and open fashion outside of committee meetings. We know that you have other commitments, and thank you for your time and support of our town.

— Pepperell Finance Committee

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