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School district overseeing update of regional pact with Dunstable


GROTON — The School Committee heard from Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools representative Stephen Hemman about plans to update the district’s regional agreement that outlines how the district is to operate between Groton and Dunstable.

Hemman sketched out a review process that was broken down into three parts: “housekeeping,” that concerned language in the agreement such as changed addresses of existing buildings and changing “K-12” to “pre-K-12” etc.; reconciling language to current state law and regulations; and assessment.

Next, Hemman outlined a possible chronology of events leading to ultimate approval of an amended agreement beginning with a review of the current district agreement, review of relevant state law, the formation of a Regional Agreement Amendment Committee, preparation of a draft updated agreement for submission to the state Commissioner of Education for review and approval, and finally, if approved by the state, submittal of the new agreement to Town Meeting for final passage.

The district’s original agreement was first drawn up in 1967 with few amendments made since.

Hemman estimated that once the amending process begins, it should take about a year to see the whole thing through to completion.


The School Committee also heard from resident Steve Boczenowski of Teenage Anxiety and Depression Solutions (TADS) about a roundtable forum the group planned to hold later in the month.

Boczenowski reminded committee members that TADS’ goals are to raise public awareness regarding youthful depression and anxiety, to educate the public about the danger such conditions pose for young people, and how parents and troubled teens could find the help they needed.

Warning that one out of four students will suffer from depression or anxiety at some point, Boczenowski said there is a real demand among the public to learn more about treating those conditions.

For that reason, he said, TADS is holding a roundtable on Oct. 29 whose membership will include community members and a mix of experts, including legal and medical professionals.

Open to the public, the roundtable is to be held at the High School at 7 p.m.