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Groton Special Town Meeting voters will be asked Oct. 20 to consider the sale of the former Prescott School building for $35,000. The person who made the bid plans to spend a large sum to renovate the old school and turn it into marketable office space.

No longer used as a school, the building at 145 Main St. is used by the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District for educational purposes, including some special classes, which the district would like to continue.

The building is owned by the town. The selectmen took the appropriate step of selecting a committee to study the best future use of the building. Options were considered and dismissed and in the end, the building was offered for sale. That brings us to the $35,000 bid.

But there are increasingly louder grumbles in the town from folks who do not think the old school should be sacrificed for such a sum and such a use. The school, built in 1927, has a firm place in the town’s history. Thousands have memories of school days past, of classes and teachers and activities long gone. The argument is that once the old school is sold, it’ll be gone forever.

It would seem that the value of the former school, even as is, would exceed $35,000. According to assessors records online, the building and land are assessed at $2 million. Town Hall, by comparison, just down the street at 173 Main St., is assessed at $1.9 million.

Some number of folks believe the former school should be retained as a public building and put to a public use, something that would expand the community footprint — a community center, perhaps. Maybe an arts center or more centralized senior center.

Prescott’s handsome and historic facade is right in the center of town.

Is $35,000 enough to give up a historic landmark?

We don’t think so.

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