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TOWNSEND — The fall Town Meeting will be held in November to give the selectmen more time to review the articles on the warrant. Originally scheduled for Oct. 21, Town Administrator Andy Sheehan said it will most likely be moved to the week of Nov. 17.

The warrant has closed, but selectmen have the option to reopen it and include or remove articles.

The first 11 articles on the draft warrant are money articles submitted by the Board of Selectmen. The amounts are not included because they may change, Sheehan said.

Articles request funds to pay prior fiscal year bills and supplement the stabilization and capital stabilization funds. Asking for supplemental funds at the special Town Meeting in the fall is fairly standard, Sheehan said.

Staffing changes and other expenses can change the budgets prepared in the spring.

Other articles seek additional funding for the treasurer and/or collector, Council on Aging, veterans’ benefits, management information systems, Building Department, town clerk and Fire-EMS Department budgets plus other nonspecified budgets.

Article 12, submitted by the Board of Health, requests that funds collected for the sale of supplemental trash bags be put into a revolving account for the recycling center.

Article 13, also submitted by the Health Board, deals with the amount of trash that can be picked up at the curb at each household without requiring the purchase of additional bags.

The wording needs to be adjusted before Town Meeting so the question is in a yes or no form, said Sheehan. At stake is deciding if the town will continue to pick up 99 gallons or trash per week from each household or reduce the amount to 64.

Article 14, submitted by selectmen, asks the town to adopt a state law allowing employees to be paid in advance for vacation. Employees can only be paid in advance for the time they have already earned. Unless Townsend adopts the law, employees cannot be paid in advance for vacation.

Article 15, submitted by selectmen and the treasurer, asks the town to adopt a state law relating to requirements and procedures for managing abandoned funds. The “stale checks” or “tailings” are checks issued by the town that were not cashed, Sheehan said.

Selectmen submitted Article 16, which asks for a change to the town’s general bylaws to require boards and committees to post agendas and minutes on the town website. Not all boards have members with administrative privileges for the website, Sheehan said. The selectmen may choose to request a policy instead of a bylaw.

Zoning amendments requested by the Planning Board relate to word usage and definitions, driveways and entrances, site plan review special permits and to the zoning bylaw pertaining to wind energy systems.

Article 21, from selectmen, asks that the selectmen be authorized to enter into a lease with a solar-energy developer. Three parcels were identified as possible locations for a solar ground-array when the town became a Massachusetts Green Community.

Passing this article will remove one of the last hurdles in fulfilling the Green Community requirement. If a solar developer approaches the town or the town sends out a request for proposals, the selectmen will be able to sign a lease, Sheehan said.

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