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Grotonfest was a great event this year and, after the year I had, I wouldn’t have believed it!!

Dale Martin and Patrick Kiley were just terrific, Dale organizing the booths and Pat the logistics, they do a wonderful job. I can’t thank everyone but the key people who made the day possible are Tom Delaney; the selectmen; Mark Haddad; Michelle Collette; Bob Johnson and Bob Hargraves, Groton Electric; Boy Scout Troops 1 and 3 and Cub Scout Packs 11 and 12 and the Groton Police Department. Caitlin and Andy Brandt, without you we would not have a stage, I’m so grateful to you, and Police Chief Don Palma, what a wonderful job as our MC. He will be back next year.

Groton Wellness; Middlesex Savings Bank; Laher Realty Partners; North Middlesex Savings Bank; Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce; Citizen’s Bank; ISS; The Sun; Dr. Linda Blaschke; Deluxe; Bouvier Consulting and the Groton Herald make this festival possible because they come in early and get us going, thank you so much!

The Groton Trust Funds Lecture Fund was a very important sponsor. Sponsorship is what allows this event to take place. I can’t name all of you, but what you do for the town is invaluable.

Our media sponsors, Nashoba Publishing; Action Unlimited; The Sun; The Groton Line; The Boston Globe; Whofish; the Messenger and the Groton Herald really helped us get the word out this year.

To Deb Johnson; Loretta Mallardo; Russ Harris; Kate Walsh; Jim Campanini; Thomas Coakley; Art Campbell, Connie Sartini; Karen Tuomi; Melissa Fetterhoff; Andrea and Jeff at ISS; Katie and Luke Kenney; Steve Lane Karen Zimmerman; Tony Lopez; Amy Ashman and Margot, Will, Liz and JC Bouvier, for listening to my whining (which was considerable this year) and allowing my late deadlines which really made a difference to me.

See you next year on Sept. 19, with hopes for another beautiful day in this amazing town.

Jane Bouvier


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