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TOWNSEND — Children at Townsend Summer Recreation had been preparing all summer long to showcase their talents at the family day talent show held Aug. 8.

Camp counselor Alisha Blanchard, 19, said children rehearsed various acts such as singing, martial arts, stand-up comedy and acting.

“The kids came up with their own acts and jokes, some jokes about the camp counselors, but it’s all fun,” said Blanchard.

Children in the program have also been busy doing other activities.

Townsend Recreation director Emy Hoff said budget cuts affected the summer program with counselors asked to work fewer hours and less money for supplies.

“We have been really creative in making sure all the activities planned went forward with the kids,” she said. “The counselors have been a great help in creating fun activities for them.”

The program had weekly themes such as Land and Air Week, Our Town Week, Fantasy Week and Water Wilds Week, where children were asked to dress up according to the theme of the week. Each activity was associated with the theme.

“For Our Town Week the children made Townsend buildings out of paper and recycled materials,” said Hoff.

Andrew Sheehan, town administrator, was invited to teach the children about local government, leadership and issues in the town that affect them and their parents.

“Andy talked about the importance of voting in your town and how to be involved in various activities around town,” Hoff said.

Other events included Mad Scientist Lab, where students were able to try science kitchen experiments that taught them about velocity and gravity.

Donations from King Farm Inc., Central Mass Garden Center and the Miranda and Rusch families allowed counselors and students to plant a flower and vegetable garden.

Hoff said there were many events throughout the summer that fit all of the kids’ personalities and interests.

“Counselors have gone above and beyond this summer making sure the summer was fun. Our motto here is to have fun,” said Hoff.

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